Whether you are hosting a single event or want to create a summer long series, our professional staff will be here to help create an experience you will always remember.

Rental Package

Our rental package includes:

  • Trained Professionals to execute a complete set up, operation and tear down of our equipment.
  • An unbelievable sound system with microphone.
  • Blu-Ray/DVD standard or widescreen format.
  • Optional 30 minutes of screen time prior to the show for advertisements or power-point.
  • Purchase additional screen time at a much lower rate following your movie.
  • A professional staff willing to help you make your event as successful as possible
  • Choose from 2 screens 16′ x 9′ or 24′ x 14′


Several factors influence the cost, day of the week, amount of travel involved, amount of rentals, and additional time for pre or post entertainment.

Contact us for pricing information for your event.


  • $2 Million Event Liability Insurance
  • Weather Guarantee
  • Back-up equipment


Weather Guarantee:

If by 2 pm, cancellation of a show is mutually agreed upon by both parties on the day of the show due to inclement weather, Moonflicks will reschedule with the client, on a mutually agreeable date based on availability of Moonflicks, within the same calendar year of at no additional cost to the client.

If the client would like the Moonflicks crew to stay and wait out a weather related event, Moonflicks personnel will accommodate the request at a predetermined rate per hour. If the show starts within one hour of the original start time and more than 50% of the movie is shown, there will be no additional fees.

Termination after 50% of the movie is shown: In the event that termination occurs after 50% of the movie is shown, the show will be considered complete and Moonflicks shall have no further obligation or responsibility for that scheduled show.

Moonflicks acknowledges the importance that the client places on showing all scheduled show dates. Likewise, our clients should understand the sensitivity of Moonflicks equipment and susceptibility to damage from rain and wind. Moonflicks will make all reasonable efforts to meet the client’s goal to show on all scheduled dates by supplying sufficient supplies (plastic tarps, bags, coverings) to protect their equipment from light rain. Moonflicks reserves all the rights to refuse to show outdoors on scheduled dates during rain events that equate to greater than light rain.



Once you’ve booked our services, below is a list of some things that you might want to think about.  Not everything may apply:  this is an optional list.

Have you obtained the Movie Rights to show the film in a public setting? If you need assistance with this process, we will be happy to help!

Have you arranged to have any irrigation lines/ water sprinklers turned off? (We do not recommend watering of your grass less than 36 hours before the scheduled event. No one likes to sit in wet grass!)

Chairs and Blankets are always a great idea.

Let your neighbors or nearby businesses know when your event will start and end.

Have you arranged to have surrounding lights be turned off temporarily during the movie?

Prepare any announcements that you might want to make before the movie such as thanking your sponsors or housekeeping information.  (No pets, bathrooms etc.)

Do you need security?